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HaloSphere Staff of all types keep the sphere running Clean, Smoothly, safely, while also keeping the sphere a happy place for everyone to come and enjoy! They enforce the rules of the Sphere and chat to ensure that the game not only runs with everyone having a fair chance, But also to enjoy that all of the members of the site may enjoy everything with a safe and friendly atmosphere. The HaloSphere staff can be identified by the color around the star in the chat box, Or around their avatar on the player pages.

The staff colors are the following:
Administrators = Red
Honor Guards = Black
Regular Guards = Blue

HS Admins

Firestream.jpg  Firestream
Living Torture.gif Living Torture
TXSon.png TXSon
Psyfireman.png Psyfireman
Faceless.jpg Faceless

HS Honor Guards


HS Guards

Matau013.jpg Matau013
JustCreation.jpg Just Creation
Pure fire x2.png Pure Fire x2
Annabeth.gif Annabeth

-Profile images are all taken from player profiles in the game. Last edited by HC PillarofFire 2017-10-26.