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Welcome to the HaloSphere 2 Wiki
The wiki is managed by three HaloSphere players; Kegonomics, HC PillarofFire, and Bolin - This wiki will provide information about each aspect on HaloSphere 2. Pages will be updated daily to ensure you read the right information. By any means, please contact us if we forgot something or made a mistake anywhere on the wiki.

What is HaloSphere 2?

HaloSphere 2 is a browser-based Halo-themed RPG game. You are dropped into the game with the task of joining a faction in order to help the faction gain control of the universe. As a player in the game, you will battle other players 1vs1 and via Clan battles. Battles help you to get stronger and provide you with Credits to expand your Equipment and overall strength in the game. Fight for the top spot! Start a powerful clan! Build up a dominating Territory!

HaloSphere 2 Wiki Pages

Player Profile

Latest Game Updates (HS2)

After watching the numbers for a couple weeks, I've decided to slow stamina regen to +1 every 2 minutes (previously was +1 every minute). The same is true for stamina over max, as it now drops by 1 every 2 minutes.

NEED ANDROID REVIEWS Hey all! If you have an Android device, please download 'RPG for Halo' (aka this game) and play it. Leave a review on the store listing and I'll give you 150 tokens here! Just send me a PM after you have done so.

Android Version

- Moved Messages up to My Messages on Mobile

- Fixed Profile Page Usernames on Mobile

- On Items, you can now double-click the quantity field and it will fill in the total of that item you have on hand.

- Special Token Purchase option added for special level up occasions

- Also, want to give the Game Wiki some attention because a few players from HS2 are hard at work improving it. Check it out!

'Update 11/1
- Weekly and Monthly missions added!

- New stats bar on mobile that shows Stamina, Items and EXP left.

We had previously discussed adding an option for players to use Tokens to reset their traits (rewarded from leveling up) in order to allow players to change factions a little more easily. We're going to go a slightly different route.

To avoid players becoming pigeonholed in a faction by distributing all their traits to a specific faction trait (i.e. Rogues who go purely for Speed, or Covies who go purely for Range) we will be trying something new.

For 50 Tokens players can have their previous faction's specialty trait swapped with the specialty trait of their new faction. For instance, a Covenant Loyalist switching to the UNSC will be able to have their Range and Accuracy swapped so that they aren't crippled from the change.

This will have to be completed manually by an administrator, so be sure to send a private message to one if you need to make the change!


Starting tomorrow, Oct 27th - Oct 31st, we are doing a Trick or Treat HALOween event!

- Increased Lucky Day Item codes (Trick or Treat!) - Increased Item drops (not as much as item madness) - Decreased cost of Lucky Day Item codes (1000 cr each) - Special HALOween theme!

MOBILE UPDATES - Profile cleaned up a little, mostly the top area to fit better - Traits section cleaned up some and hopefully the trait lag bug is fixed or reduced - Menu has been reorganized slightly - The rank # by your name on profile is clickable to the HSS leaderboard now

TERRITORY PUSH Buildings can now be 'pushed' with Tokens to where they are collectible right away. The cost is 1 token per 30 mins of time left, but there's a minimum of 1 token cost per push (so the 15 min buildings cost 1). Also, push is not available on EXP buildings.

I MISS YOU! You can now go to player profiles that haven't been online in a while and say you miss them. They then get an email from the game inviting them back.

STAMINA REFILLS FASTER - Stamina is now set to refill +1 per minute now (up from 2 mins) - Stamina over max now drains faster too at -1 per minute now

TOKENS ON MOBILE - You can now purchase tokens on mobile mode and it should correctly take you back to the mobile game.

CLASS EXP GAINS Class EXP rates in battles have been doubled!

SKILL MAX IS NOW 20! It has been 15 for a bit, so you can get a tad higher now.

- As we are in the early stages of this instance, the penalty for changing Factions has been reduced greatly. You will keep your equipment, items, medals and mission rewards, even if you change factions. You will still have a credit cost. Traits on level up will also be delayed still if you change Faction. - Also the trait on level up penalty is just 30 minutes, as a reminder. This was to stop abuse in faction changing.

Updated 10/20
- The Item Shop will show ALL items now and when they unlock based on level. Right now its slim, but more items will go up for sale soon.

PROFILE HEADERS FOR SUBSCRIBERS Game Subscribers have a new benefit now under Options. You can pick from a set of Profile Header graphics to spruce up your profile. There are 9 currently with more in work!


- Clan battle amounts (both per clan and per member) have been doubled to make up for the doubling of max members (now 16) - Clan battles can now lead to more EXP and Credits per win - Some Halodex Card sell values have been increased - Clan owners can set a Clan Tag, Message and whether or not the Clan is looking for members. - Clan Member list will show a check by their name if clan member is online - Added a larger Game Progress bar to profiles

- Liking news posts gives you 5 tokens now - Cost to Drop Skill is now 50 tokens (down from 100) - Cost of Building Alerts is now 2 tokens (down from 3) - Lottery Tickets are now a fixed price (they wont go up as you buy them) - Whenever you lose a battle you will still earn 1 EXP now. This effect can happen when you aren't here playing as other players battle you. - 4 bots are active now and placed at various skill levels with various trait levels. - Now when you pay tokens to increase MAX stamina and energy, you get stamina and energy with the MAX increase. Just seems fair. - more....

Luck of the Irish - St Patrick's Day Weekend Specials Stating Sunday, March 16th through end of day Tuesday, March 18th, the sphere is going to feel a bit luckier for St. Patrick's Day!

Here's a few things you may find that might make you feel luckier:

♣ Item drop rates increased ♣ ♣ Rage skulls winnable in solo battles ♣ ♣ Increased lucky day chance with less probability of winning bobble parts ♣ ♣ Lottery ticket drop rates increased ♣ ♣ Skullamanjaro will be the lottery prize up for grabs on St. Patrick's day! ♣ ♣ Enter your lottery tickets on St Patrick's day (Monday, March 17th) to win the item at the drawing held at the very end of the day. Drawing is held at 11:55 PM Spheretime on Monday. ♣


Edit: Pitch Black does win the Skullamanjaro. But I will give a 2nd away in the lottery today! Enter your tickets Tuesday to win!

I set this feature up yesterday on Galaxy Warfare, and it seemed like it would be pretty cool to have it here as well. Clan Owners can now go to Clan : Manage Ranks and create custom ranks and then assign them to your Clan Members. You can also set specific members as Clan Managers, giving them the power to invite to your Clan and manage other settings including Credits.

Also, there are now some cross promotion links down on the bottom left of both HS2 and GW.

Congrats to huffman0 for winning Season 3 as well as wm and Nhaling2Xhale for rounding out the top 3.

All awards have been given out. They were awards this time instead of achievements, we'll work on switching the old ones over at some point.

Winners of the secondary prizes raffled off listed below. Congrats to all who participated.

$20 Gift Card - Genio HaloSphere T-Shirt - Scoutt HaloSphere T-Shirt - HaloGoddess HaloSphere T-Shirt - QQuantum HaloSphere T-Shirt - dvusZERO

May seem like a trivial change, but on Items you can now specify an amount to use/sell/auction, etc. This section received a complete overhaul to make that possible. Enjoy!

Season 3 - Average Joe The loooooong overdue Season 3 is here! It will run 2 weeks from Wednesday, Feb 12 through Tuesday, Feb 25th, with a lot of prizes that can be won. Here's the full breakdown. Scoring This season is based around your skill level. You get points for playing solo games within 1 game of your median skill, and lose points for playing at your high and low skill.

Example - Your High skill is 45 (and thus your low skill is 35).

• You get 1 point for every solo game you initiate when your skill is 39,40, or 41. • You get -1 point for every solo game you initiate at skill 35 and 45. • All other skill ranges yield no points, and you cannot go below 0 overall score.

NOTE: If your high skill is lower than 10, see the below system for how your scoring will work.

• High Skill of 6 or lower: 1 point for wins at skill, 2, 3 or 4. -1 points for wins at skill 0 or 6.

• High Skill of 7,8,9 1 point for wins at skill 3,4 or 5. -1 points for wins at skill 0 or your high skill.

Your score and place will show up in the mission panel, as well as a full leaderboard breakdown in the seasons link of the left. Rule Changes To keep things on a more level playing ground, lockjaws are not allowed for use during the season. They will be removed from the item shop. Anyone who has any in their inventory will have the item taken, and it will be returned once the season is over. Switchboxes will have increased dropped rates during the season.

We understand a few people might have difficulty reaching their median skill due to their account standing. Please understand that it is impossible to be a 100% fair ground for all players (except maybe with a site wide reset of all accounts). We do our best to vary the rules between seasons to move around the advantage as best we can. Simply do the best you can for this season. Prizes 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place: Choice between $20 Gaming* Gift Card or HaloSphere T-Shirt

4th Place through 20th Place: 1 Person will randomly be chosen for a $20 Gaming* Gift Card.

4th Place thru 50th Place: 4 Halosphere T-Shirts will be raffled off to random winners in this group as well.

  • The $20 gaming card can be for Xbox Live Cash, PSN Cash, Stream Cash, or Halosphere Tokens.

Staff are eligible to win, but admins are not. If an admin places top 50, we will skip that player and take top 51 scores. Even if you can't make top 3, keep pushing as high as you can for more chances at prizes!


Token Sale We will be having a rare token sale for this season as well. It will start this Tuesday and run to the end of the season. 20% More tokens on all purchase amounts. We might be able to add a few more prizes to the pool as well.

We apologize for the long delay between seasons. Thanks to Shoe & Wien for donating T-shirts as well. Happy Clicking!

About a year ago, I wrote a little mini game as an experiment and to learn something new. Anyways, now's your chance to get a special award on your profile! Just beat my game. Make sure to use the same username you use here!

Here's the url:

I'm not giving any hints. It's really easy actually, my 9yr beat it in about 25 minutes. Here's the award:

Have fun! There's a custom chat for it: A barren wasteland

Clan Credits now have some limits in place to help align the game with some changes we are planning in the future. Starting now, each member on a daily basis can give their clan a maximum of 1 million credits and each clan can give each member a max of 2 million credits daily. So to summarize:

Daily Credit Transfer limits: 1,000,000 from each member to clan per day. 2,000,000 from clan to each member per day.

Also, There's a new icon on the right side of the Missions panel to quickly get to the Mission Leaderboards.

Posting this for our friend Egon - If you are able please support his cause.

I am participating in the 2014 American Lung Association Firefighter Climb on April 19th 2014. I have set a donation goal of $400.00 and was hoping if any of you can please donate (no pressure).

My page is here if you wish to donate: Visit Donation Website

Thanks again and see you in the games.


Ring in the new year right here in the Sphere, with double Solo Battle payouts, explosive item drops, and back by popular demand - Skull Drops in Solo Battles!

Don't forget to make time with friends and family as these perks will be here through the weekend!

Happy Clicking & Happy New Year!

  • Firework animation can be turned off via options

Santa has already stopped by and left a bunch of Christmas Presents! You can find them as item drops, lucky days, and even in the lottery!

If you find a present, use it to unwrap it. You will then get a PM from SantaBot with an item code. Redeem the code for a great prize (unless you were naughty).

Don't delay though, all presents should be found and opened by the end of the day on the 26th!

As a bonus, class experience has been tripled for the same duration, and solo exp has been bumped up slightly to accommodate as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Had to make some changes that won't be popular but we felt needed to be done.

Mission Reward Expiration Mission Rewards now expire. When you complete a mission, you have 7 full days to redeem the award. Awards will expire midnight spheretime, same time missions expire.

So if you complete one of today's missions on the 12th, the 19th is the last full day you have to redeem it. On the change of day on the 20th, it will say exipred.

All missions that you haven't redeemed prior to today will have the 7 day timer start today. So you will have to redeem all old missions before the 20th as well.

Earn Credit/EXP Missions For the missions that require you to earn X amount of credits or EXP, old mission prizes will no longer count towards the goal. These prize also will not appear in your daily stats for credits/exp earned.

BM Tax for buying your own items This applies for YOUR OWN ITEMS ONLY. If you buy your own item back from the Black Market, a 20% tax will be applied. If you buy your own Grunt Leg back for 10,000 credits because you really need it, you will only receive 8,000 credits back.

Thanks for your understanding with these changes. They were required to be in line with our future direction with the game.

So for our small Halloween special, there will be a lot of trick or treating going on today. Spherebot will be giving away trick or treat codes at about the same rate as normal. But on occasion, he will go a little nuts and post a lot at once. Other staff members will have some codes to share as well while "Spherebot" is sleepy.

Not every code is a treat, there are a good mix of tricks in there as well. And this also applies to luck day codes, so beware that you could get tricked there as well!

Lucky day has doubled in frequency chance, and to make up for the tricks, some bobble parts have been temporarily disabled. Juggernauts are also a nice eerie color too.

So enjoy the treats and tricks and the extra mission as well. Happy Halloween!

Sorry about the downtime, this was not an attack but rather our host took us down without warning for a small update.

We have a new ability to help with territories being down during downtime. I can take territories that failed during the downtime and switch them over to paused. It will not count as a restart on your stats and no health will be taken. You can then un-pause at your own risk.

This is SUPPOSED to only affect buildings that have failed. If they are still counting down or are ready to collect, they will stay that way as the downtime didn't affect them.

Today, it seems buildings got paused if they were ready to collect as well. No way we could test it without actually diong it, so hopefully we'll fix it next time its needed.

Due to down time being caused by us, we refilled stamina, and refilled energy due to extra buildings being force paused.

Thanks for your understanding!

Small teaser, but expect a lot of "Treats" to be handed out tomorrow from Spherebot. I mean a lot.

If you have been clever and saving your codes for when a code mission pops up, I would highly suggest using them today and in the future. You may wake up and find that your "treats" were given back out by Spherebot as he is now enrolled in a recycling program!

Use your codes today! And be prepared to redeem tomorrow!

The long awaited arrival of missions is here! For those of you who play halo, the concept is very similar. Every day you will be presented with 2 missions to complete with a wide variance of things to do in the game.

The missions in the bank vary from easy, medium and hard levels to complete. Prizes range from EXP, Credits, or Items. When you complete a mission, head to your mission log to redeem your prize. You do not have to redeem it same day you win it, but if you change factions or reset, it will disappear like all other items do.

For missions to count as completed, you need to still have HaloSphere up on your screen. It won't track if you're not here. So if the mission is sell 5 items in the BM, and you put 5 in and leave for the day, you won't get the mission completed. You'll have to come back and log in, and then it will register as complete.

You can toggle off the mission panel by clicking the Toggle Mission button in the top right next to the Smiley List

There are leaderboards as well, new achievements, and mission stats on your profile page. Starting Monday we'll have Weekly and Monthly missions as well!

New Items! Along with missions, two new items make their long awaited return from HS1.

Item Magnets - Doubles your chances of receiving item drops in solo games for 10 games. It is not guaranteed to win an item every game, but this matches the level of drops we did for the HaloSphere birthday, largest drop rate ever!

Territory Magnets - Land on a faction controlled map for 10 solo games. Use with a juggernaut for awesome payouts!

As of today, only way to get them is via the missions (unless SphereBot gets generous wink wink). Sunday I will turn them on for solo drops and lucky day codes.

If you have any mission suggestions, go ahead and post them in the Game Suggestions Forum for Mission Ideas.

We hope this will add some day to day motivation to the grind. Good luck and happy clicking!

So we've been down most of the day, unfortunately. It appears the worst of it is over, and that things can continue normally. Slowness or other issues may still occur. Thanks for your support and patience! We have refilled all stamina and energy for you.

Small Updates: - The top Shops link has been replaced with a Polls link - Total Clan games played has been added to profiles, this goes across all clans you have ever been in. A leaderboard is likely to be added for this stat. - The black market last bought/sold players have been fixed on profiles

Other News: - Missions are 99.12% ready to go. I'm not going to say anything else besides that, but we are working as hard as we can to roll this out. - You have a few weeks still to get the HaloSphere2 T-shirt! Thank you to those who have already committed to getting one.


Picture soon!

I'm happy to announce the first HaloSphere2 T-shirt fundraiser campaign! This is something I've wanted to be able to offer for a long time, and the timing is perfect, because my family and I are in the process of something very special.

My family and I are about half-way in the process of adopting a little girl from China, with plans to bring her home sometime early next year. It's been a long road for my family and I with some very hard times in recent years, so this adoption is very exciting for us.

These t-shirts will help fund my adoption as well as continued development of the game, of course. That and I think the shirt design came out really nice. I hope you like it and as an added bonus, for every shirt order I will be including 200 tokens!

Also, you can pick from a Woman's T and a Hoodie! The campaign has to reach a goal of 100 orders before it will be fulfilled. I'll keep you posted on this.

HaloSphere2 Click On T-shirt campaign:

Thank you for your support!

It's been a while since any new theme backgrounds have been added, so there are now 5 new ones! These are for supporters, if you go to Options > Change Theme. Here are screens of each:

Picture soon
Picture soon
Picture soon
Picture soon
Picture soon

Hey all! So, first off, we have been very busy. There's a lot happening behind the scenes right now, a lot being planned and tested. I think you will like the updates that will be hitting in the near future. Until then, here's an update with a few small fixes, changes and a few new features.

1) Your Clan Forum will show up on the main forums now. Keg had this idea a long time ago and it really makes sense. You can see unread posts in your clan forum all in one place

2) There is now a 'Sell All Bobblehead Parts' button on your Items page. It's just below your items list. It will do exactly that, sell all your bobblehead related parts. This is a super fast way to clean out parts you probably don't need.

3) I added Winning Eff% to profiles. Leaderboard coming soon, maybe. I also fixed the EXP bar percentage as it was incorrect.

4) Small cleanups were done to the Polls page and Messages

There's a much bigger update rolling out very soon. I can't wait to share more about it! Oh, also t-shirt news coming very soon!

Hello all! I put up a poll just now designed to get an idea of the most a person would pay for a HaloSphere2 themed shirt.

These shirts are going to act as a fundraiser for a specific cause that I'll post more about soon. The shirts can range from simple to complex, but the more complex, the higher each will cost. The results of this poll will help me to create the right shirt design for the cost.

Please take a second to go vote, as it will help in the planning of this.

Also I would like to take the time to congratulate PitchBlack for being promoted to a HaloSphere Guard (Blue). I am positive he will be a great help in aiding the other staff members of the site towards making the site a better place.

After a bit of tuning and tweaking, the server appears to be running pretty good. Lag has been minimal if not 99% gone, so with that I've decided to turn on Legacy again. The Switch to Legacy button is also enabled again, if you refresh HS2 you'll see it.

Please note: if Legacy causes any problems I will have to shut it back down again. Let's hope it goes smoothly!

Check it out: HaloSphere Legacy

Tomorrow morning we are having some hardware changes on the server to help with the lag problems. This will force the server to be completely offline starting around 4am until about 9am central time. Expect the game to be unreachable during this time.

You will want to shut down your territories sometime before 4am central time!

Obviously there is no guarantee that the site will come back up online at 9am. So if you are that worried about your grid failing at 9:15, 10:00, or even 3:30pm, turn your grid off before then. Thanks for your patience as we work to make the game function better!

(Scroll to very bottom of this news post for an update on the lag problems)

For a long time now we've been playing around with different ways for people to interact here in the game. Happy to introduce a brand new social feature to the game called the Custom Chat.

Basically, its a room based chat tab added to the top of the game. You can now create a room and invite anybody you'd like to into it.

Rooms are simply just a word or set of words and numbers. I would advise you stay away from symbols and weird characters (such as <, >, /, ') when creating room names as that will more often than not fail to create the room and prevent you from inviting people properly. Stick with numbers and letters, spaces are ok.

There are 2 boxes in the custom chat tab. The first is the "Say Something" box where you normally type to chat. You can also use chat commands here (read blow).

The 2nd box is where you type the room name of the chat you wish to join. If it exists, you will join that current chat room, and if it doesn't exist it will create a new room with you in it.

To create a room, you need to be a supporter

How it works: -Click the custom chat tab. - Type in /room my cool room in the custom chat tab area (the area where you normally chat, not the right room box) and you'll be in the room called "my cool room". - You can then invite your friends into your chat by typing this from the custom chat itself: /invite playername - They get an alert and can join your chat by accepting. - You can also use the room box to the right of where you would chat to change rooms, just type the name of the room by itself, no chat command needed.

Other commands: /leave - takes you out of a room completely /online - lists out who is in the room with you

This chat basically allows you to chat with your friends or with people with common interests or privately with staff, etc. Again, I'd suggest having room names similar to what you would use as a password if you don't want people to barge in.

RULES OF CUSTOM CHATS Custom chat will have DIFFERENT rules than global chat. Guards will not be actively monitoring custom chats, they will be treated more like clan chat. But with great power comes great responsibility...


If you create a room that is a personal attack at another player, or continually invite that player in to attack them, that is a clear violation of what we are about here.

Chat bans will apply to ALL chats, if you get a custom chat ban it will ban you from global, faction and clan chat as well.

You must use your own judgement

1) If you enter a room that has cursing; room name, or topics of conversation that offends you, simply leave.

2) If you enter a room that is a personal attack at you, please screencap and send a message to a guard with the name of the person who invited you and the chatroom name.

3) If you are constantly being harassed with unwanted invites by a player, again copy paste the invites and send to a guard.

If you are someone caught doing #2 or #3, you will be chat banned from all chats for a lengthy period of time!

This can be a really great feature to talk with more people across factions and friends and common interests. It's a fantastic way to talk during an HD game or even have a huge HD lobby. But if this turns into a troll and personal attack fest it can be taken away, so chat wisely!

LAG UPDATE HS2 has encountered a lot of lag issues and server lockups since the move to this server a few months ago. I have tried many things to fix this, but have a plan forward to reduce/fix the lag problems.

1) Starting soon there will be a maintenance window lasting about 10 minutes. During this time some optimizations will take place to help keep the game fast. We plan to run this weekly.

2) I'm looking at adding another drive to the server that will be for the database only. This drive is a solid state drive (SSD) which is extremely fast. The older server had this setup and was very effective, but also very expensive. My new host appears to offer this for cheaper though, so this hardware upgrade is much more reasonable this time. More updates on that soon.

HaloSphere2 is up on the Chrome Web Store as an app. We need some solid reviews to be added to the app listing to help spread the word!

This is where you come in. If you check out our Chrome Web App and leave a review, we'll give you a sweet award consisting of:

a) this graphic for your profile page:

b) a nice stamina item that will refill your stamina by 500. You can use the item 3 times. Called "Stamina Refill Review"

NOTE: Review the game honestly. We aren't asking for 5-star reviews, we are asking for current reviews to help us see and improve the game further. Of course, if you love it, feel free to share that!

How to get your award and item: - Leave the review, once it's visible we'll see it - Email us at [email protected] FROM YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT (so we know that you actually gave the review) and include your HS2 username - Make sure your email username matches the name on the review, tell us in the email if it doesnt! - That's it! We'll take care of the rest and get you the item within a day or so.

Link to the HS2 Chrome Web App:

Well our 4 day birthday celebration is finally over, that was a ton of clicking! Here are some collective stats for the 4 day period

• 171,046 Games
• 102,814,962 Experience
• 653,719,746 Credits

• 614,858 Games
• 277,730,157 Experience
• 1,847,972,752 Credits

Solo Game Awards

These will be given out in a week or so, need to run all the data and hand them out. Please be patient, we will get these out as soon as we can.

Solo-Games contest winners.

The drawing procedure consisted off randomly assigning the numbers 1-50 to the top 50 players for games played on Sunday. I then had an honor guard use a random number generator to pick 10 numbers, and those winners were then randomly assigned the 10 prizes.

It took 1449 Games to get into the top 50 (Zoelz was the last one in at #50) EaD andy 2608 was unlucky #51, but in this case it paid out because Kegonomics generously donated his 400 point code that he won on saturday to whoever got #51 so congrats Andy, make sure you thank him!

Complete list of winners
• Mforce #2 Overall - 400 Points
• DearxAgony #7 Overall - 800 Points
• Acidtrip #12 Overall - 400 Points
• Coco Mojo #13 Overall - 400 Points
• SND Haikai #26 Overall - 1600 Points
• xTakedown #30 Overall - 1200 Points
• Bones Daddy #43 Overall - 800 Points
• Genio #44 Overall - 400 Points
• Optimus Banana #47 Overall - 1200 Points
• Zoelz #50 Overall - 800 Points
• EaD andy2608 - #51 Overall - 400 Points donated from kegonomics

Microsoft Point Prize Winners

We will be getting the points out in the next week or so (we have a ton to buy!!!). If we have trouble finding a card that works in your region we'll work out other arrangements, but looks like almost all the winners should be taken care of. Awards for winning a prize will also be given out in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience.

Special shout out to Chron for his generous donation helping fund a large portion of our prizes. Thanks for Cheeze for his 1600 code that was an extra give out on Sunday. Thanks to Jacked, jakbutt and kegonomics for donating their msp prizes back into the pool. Thanks for everyone else who donated to the game to help fund these prizes, your donations are what make these events happen! And finally thanks to all the staff for all their hard work helping make this a success!

Here's the list of prize winners. Sorry if i misspelled your name, wasnt taking the time to look it all up exactly haha. If I missed you pm me.

Complete list of winners - Congrats to all!!
Mforce, DearXAgony, Acidtrip,Coco Mojo
SND Haikai, xTakeDown, Bones Daddy, Genio
Optimus Banana, Zoelz, EaD andy2608, zMonster
Pitch Black, Trapt, Liger, Maximumwill
Crazy T, Warpigxj, Brandox3, Potsy
Lawnmower172, EgonSpenglerPHD, HC RoadRage, boggratt
HC filtrated AJ, italentz, Danni Cherie, Wien66
JT McSlice, dvusZERO, Slyczar, II J4CKED
Kegonomics, Jakbutt, Chron, HC BaD InTentZs
DaddysGirly, The GDubsMan, dockument, Ace Reloaded
djid10t,Celestial Fear,Womblette, Danger Boy

Thanks everyone for playing and celebrating our 2 year anniversary with us! We have more changes and improvements to come as we find the time to make them and test them, with a few big changes coming as well. We appreciate all your support and happy clicking!

I am going to be running two scavenger hunts today. The first is starting as soon as this post hits the table. The second will be at some point later tonight. Keep checking back for any possible additional clues and other updates.

I will be posting a HS2 item code, broken up into four parts, around various areas of the HaloSphere2 universe. It will be up to you to locate the different item parts, and put them in order. Redeem your code from your Items page first, and you will be the winner.

Each winner will get one 1200 MSP item that will be redeemable next week for described MSP amount, pending we can acquire a MSP code for your region.

Good luck!

Scavenger Hunt 1:
1) I wish I know how Stamina and Energy works...
2) I would like to thank everybody working so hard to keep the WIki up to date.
3) People in high places have awesome bios.
4) Change is inevitable... and we have had a lot.

Congratulations CELESTIAL FEAR on your speedy scavenging.

The second hunt will be much more difficult!

Scavenger Hunt #2:
1) Check back later
2) Check back later
3) Check back later
4) Check back later


Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration is here!

The long awaited celebration of 2 full years of HaloSphere 2 is upon us, and we have a great 4 days lined up for you with tons of Microsoft Point Prizes* to be won!

If you win Microsoft Points, do not use the item but send a PM to Living Torture letting him know you have won!

Each day has a different schedule for perks, payouts and how to win the prizes so check back here to find all the information!

4 Day Celebration Details!

From Friday 7-12 to our actual birthday on Monday 7-15, each day will receive increased solo, clan, class and item drop rates as well as rage skulls being available in lucky day and solo drops. Oh, and take a look at this new addition you can win as well for your player page!


New Awards!

When the new version came out, we snuck in a brand new award system that is still in the making. You have an awards tab on your profile page. Go check out chron's page to find an old HC award he really deserved.

Here's the awards available this weekend to be won!

100px  Win A MSP Prize!
100px  Bronze: Play 1,000 Games in one day or 2,000 for the whole celebration.
100px  Silver: Play 2,000 Games in one day or 4,000 for the whole celebration.
100px  Gold: Play 3,000 Games in one day or 6,000 for the whole celebration.

Day by Day Celebration Schedule

Lucky Friday - July 12th • 4,000 MSP available to be won via Lucky Day! • 1.5x Solo EXP and Credit Payouts • 1.5x Clan EXP and Credit Payouts • 2x Class EXP Payouts • 1.5x Item Drop Rates • Bobble Parts removed from Lucky Day • Increased chance of Lucky Day • Expect a small "boost" to your stamina and energy

Skullamanjaro Saturday - July 13th • 8,000 MSP available to be won as item drops! • More details to be released on Friday

Solo Sensation Sunday - July 14th • 8,000 MSP available to be raffled off between the top 50 players on the daily games played leaderboard! • More details to be released on Saturday

HaloSphere's Birthday!!!! - July 15th • A whopping 14,000 MSP available to be won through the lottery, lucky day, and item drops! • More details to be released on Sunday, this is the big finale!

Microsoft Point Winners

Overall, over 40 people will be walking away with prizes! So get your clicking fingers ready and celebrate with us!

Again, if you win a prize do not use the item, just send a pm to Living Torture to claim your prize!

  • Microsoft Points are region specific, they are only valid in the area they are bought in. We will do everything we can to get codes in the regions that people live in, but cannot guarantee that is possible. However we will still find ways to work with winners to get them their prize.

Starting on the 12th and ending the 15th is the HaloSphere 2's second official birthday! According to the Administrator's post on the front of the site! They have something big for the site and its members! So be ready!

None of the staff have mentioned exactly what it is or what it may feature! But we do know the date so we will just have to stay turned for it!

You may notice a few staff changes going around. Kaboose and Butters have both hung up their blue for now due to real world obligations. They have both done a tremendous service for us over many years and I can't thank them enough. Hopefully we'll see you both around more again soon when real lives allow it.

Please welcome Chron, Bones Daddy, and Acidtrip to the staff ranks. They will be the newest members to delete your posts!

Have a happy 4th of July all American Spherians! In celebration, I will be giving a nice boost to item drop rates from July 4th Through 7th. It's not much, but we also have HaloSphere's birthday celebration coming up very soon!

Also, your item drops will be like fireworks if you have animations turned on!

There's a lot in store this month, so get ready! We have a big birthday celebration in the works, but to get us there we will be doing some smaller giveaways here & there.

First off, follow the HaloSphere2 twitter for chances to win Microsoft Points! First ones will be given away on July 4th!

Stay tuned for more!

So... 5 days EARLY, the all new HaloSphere2 is up & running! There's a lot of changes all over, big and small. The core gameplay is the same as it has been, but the new look & feel opens up some doors for us to really expand the game further in the coming months.

What you see is the combination of months of work by our staff, all of the guards and admins! This could not have been done without their help, testing, coding, ideas, etc. Huge thanks to their time and effort here.

   So here's a run down of what's new:
   - Entire new theme design, much more professional looking than the previous site. A lot of consistency on how things are presented all over.
   - New theme options, allowing you to pick from some excellent backgrounds and also set the bar header colors. This opens up a lot of combinations to the look
   - You can now set your Xbox Live Gamertag and you're Halo 4 armor will show on your profile (if you have one)
   - Top Nav bar 'stick' as you scroll, giving you quick access to common areas on the site
   - The Top Code/Player box allows you to look up players or redeem item codes quickly
   - New Help menu for new players
   - You can set your timezone now in options!
   - New 'stuck' quick stats bar at the bottom (you can put it back to the old way under options!)
   - New loading panel to help pass the time when you are changing sections
   - You can stop getting halodex game requests (there is an option in options now)
   - New Award system! This will get a lot of use for special events coming soon!
   - Collect All moved up to be easier to use
   - Loads of small tweaks and changes all over

Get ready for the 29, 30. <-- Changed!

The dev version of the site has a TON of changes and has been heavily developed over the last couple months. This all-new version brings a nice fresh looking interface to the game as well as a number of great new features. We are nearly done and the plan is to go live on June 30th!

So, get ready for some big changes, getting this new look & feel out is just step 1 of some much great plans!

Between now and then, you have a chance to get early-access to the dev system. Stay tuned on how we'll be giving out ways in early. Here's another look:

Update: Turns out we'll need to push going live by 1 day. I realized I'm going to be out of town on the 29th, so I obviously can't upgrade the site

2012-12-20 We wanted to make a public policy announcement concerning account recovery policies.

Every player has the ability to update their account's registered e-mail address. This should be kept up to date by every player. If a password is forgotten or becomes no longer saved by a user's computer, your e-mail address is how you can recover your password.

For security reasons, the Administration cannot recover a player's account without verification of information without taking the chance that we are allowing an alternate owner into an account. For this reason, if you are not able to recover your own password through the password recovery system on our home page, we will gladly send an e-mail to address registered to the account in question with the player's updated password. If the e-mail address that is registered is invalid, it is an issue that the player must deal with.

Please take this message as a reminder to go update your e-mail address and ensure that the rest of your account information is up to date. We don't want any player to get into a position where they are forced to start over unless they do so by choice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2012-10-19 Psy finished up the consolidation forges, so that's cool. I put in a poll system today, so that's cool. There's a cool achievement you can get for just voting even once. Oh, you can show off your player profile via a public link (at the top of your profile), so that's cool. It's all really cool yo! More cool coming soon.

2012-10-18 As part of the inspiration behind the HaloDex update, there are some Admin features going into the system right now that will enable a lot of interesting alterations in the game option. The first part of the HaloDex update has been rolled over to HS2. This is completely on the Admin side of things, and the card game itself will appear in in the next few days.

With the Admin changes being rolled over now, we have began making some changes:

1) There are now Forgable Weapons for levels 51+. You will have to collect the parts for these items through solo battles and purchase a special part from the item shop for each forge option. Specific forge parts do not unlock until required levels starting at level 50. When you have all of the necessary parts, the forge option will appear in your Items page in the Forge section similar to Bobbles.

2) We will be making some special items to help you consolidate your inventory. You will be able to make "super items" out of smaller items to help you clear up some room in your inventory. Hopefully this will allow you to better manage the space you have and to expand options for your account.

3) We are transitioning the Lottery system to allow items to be given out. Actually, ONLY items will be given out now. If you win the daily Lottery, you will receive a notification that contains an Item Code for you to redeem for your prize. We should be listing what prize is, and we will hopefully be providing a list of possible prize options in the Help section soon.

The most exciting part about the HaloDex update is the major expansion of the Forge system. We are now provided a lot more options where we can use pretty much anything in the game to make almost anything we like. After you have had an opportunity to see some of the Forge changes, if you have any ideas to make your experience more enjoyable, please let us know.

  • EDIT

Until we put together a system, we wanted to make sure everybody knows that some of the Superspheres are available. It will take 10 megaspheres to make each supersphere, plus the forge cost.

2012-10-16 Halodex is coming very very soon... I've been developing a card game addition to HaloSphere2 for about 2 weeks now. I think it's turning out to be very fun addition to the game and I think it will fit in and work very well in the live game. I'll post many more details on it once we launch, which could within the next week!

This Friday, May the 4th, will mark the day when we celebrate a great milestone. Our very own Fettbot will be turning one Saturn year old!

Beginning at around 8:00am server time, we will begin our celebration by re-filling everyone's Stamina and Energy, doubling item drops, and doubling XP and Credits from solo wins all weekend!

On top of that, we will be running a couple contests to celebrate our resent string of updates! We will be giving away four Halo books: 1 Fall of Reach, 2 Cryptum, and one book of Halo artwork. These will be given away via special items that can only be won through solo battles. The items will carry the title of their book so you know when you have won one. If you happen across one of these items, please contact Psyfireman so we can work out the shipping.

Even more fun waits with a special contest for everybody to participate. We will be giving everybody the opportunity to earn a special Achievement through this weekend only! This will be a tiered achievement, meaning that the better you do, your efforts will be recognized. You can get these achievements by winning a minimum about of solo battles on any given day this weekend, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The wins will have to register on your player page for one day, so you will have three chances to get your award. For 500 solo wins you will receive the bronze level, for 1,000 solo wins, you will get Silver, and for 1,500 solo wins, you will get Gold. These achievements will be given out in mass around the middle of next week. We can do this automatically, so there is no need to tell anybody you have made your mark (other than to brag in the chatbox or forum for a brief moment).

We hope you enjoy the weekend, and we wish you the best of luck as we all gather together to celebrate Fett's first Saturn Year Birthday!!!

P.S. - We have also opened up all the trait items as available to win to all levels. The item shop restrictions remain in place. On a side note, we also double the cost of Switchboxes.

We have added Rage items back into the mix. There are three versions of the Rage items, Mini, Sphere, and Mega, adding +1,3,5 to all traits, respectively. These items will only be winnable, so don't go looking for them in the shop. The Rage items will also be available to all experience levels.

The price level and rarity are scaled the same as the other trait items. So the Rage spheres naturally have higher prices and rarity as their same item level counterparts due to the additional traits they provide.

EDIT: We have updated level restrictions on other trait items today as well. All Trait Minis will be available to win or purchase to all levels. Regular Trait Spheres will be available to win and purchase to level 25 and above. Trait Megas will be available to win and purchase at level 35 and above.

In addition to the above, we have also restricted the availability of Bobblehead parts to level 15 and above to allow for higher probability of obtaining trait items for lower level players instead of having a bunch of bobble parts consuming their inventory. This should also allow a higher focus on traits in starting new characters than other parts of the game until they are stronger and more experienced. So if you are a new player under the level 15, you may want to reconsider holding onto those bobblehead parts until you hit level 15.

So, last night we put in a nice tweak. If a player has been inactive for 30 days, their weapons, armor, etc. will be unequipped. What does this mean? This is going to allow lower level players successfully battle higher level inactive players to get much bigger payouts! So you may want to try battling players that you might not have normally beaten.

There is more in store for the near future that will help out a lot of lower level players too. Keep your eyes open for news over the next couple weeks.


We have installed a new item that can be found in the item shop called Lockjaw. This new item will lock your current skill for 250 battles. This item is more specifically targeted toward player that have yet to obtain the win streak achievements. The cost is very substantial to keep people from buying up a bunch to do some crazy stuff. There is a very small chance of winning one in battle, by far the rarest item in the game so far. If you manage to actually win one, you will be thanking us for the credits.


We have developed some new solo battle payout equations for experience and credits. These equations will take into account the initiator's current or high skill to calculate the base of their payout. The higher the skill the higher the payout opportunity. The base payout will then be adjusted for the difference between the players experience levels in battle. The stronger the opponent, the higher the payout (there is a cap). The weaker the opponent, the lower the payout (there is a minimum but it is negligible). The range before the payouts are completely phased to their minimum or maximum are within 10-11 experience levels, depending on experience or credits.

To help keep you from looking all over the screen, we have moved around some columns in the battle list. Hopefully we have put all of the pertinent information closer together for you instead of all over the screen.

We have increased the Class Experience earning from 2% to 3% of solo battle experience earnings.

There's a new system in place now in solo matches called Oddball. The concept is simple. There are 3 oddballs in play at any given time. When you have an oddball you'll know it because you'll see the Oddball Bonus, currently set at 1.5X toward your exp and credits won. If you lose a match though, the winner takes your ball. Run with it as long as you can! Oddballs will reset randomly every hour and be given to active players online.

Along with this, we're tracking oddball win streak on player profiles and there's a new Oddball streak leaderboard up. We'll probably get some achievements setup soon for Oddball and Classes next! Have fun!

The reset timer has been moved from one hour down to 30 minutes.

Many people have asked about displaying who are currently holding the Oddballs. This is not going to happen in any greater fashion than it is currently. If people were able to see who was holding the Oddball in their battle list, they would not be able to hold the Ball for more than a couple battles. That would kind of ruin the purpose of the Oddball mini-game. So, if you want to know if somebody is currently holding an Oddball, you will have to check their player page and look for their Current Oddball Streak. If the streak is greater than -0-, then they may be currently holding the Oddball. However, given that the usual number of Oddballs in the game is limited to three, you would probably be wasting a lot of time trying to track them down. Good luck!

Class System

Classes are live! To give you a little heads up about what classes are, here is what will appear in the HELP section of your menu:

Classes are going to be a set of "equipment" of sorts. You will be able to set a Class for your character, multiple classes at higher levels. Each class will offer percentage bonuses to a character's traits, experience, and/or credit earnings. Some of the classes could also have negative effects. Those effects will be stated, if any.

Classes will be leveled up by accumulating a percentage of the experience earned from solo battles.

The only classes that will actively effect a player are the ones currently chosen as being active, so if you have 10 level 8 classes, the only ones that will effect your character are the ones that are currently equipped.

As your character progresses you will unlock the slots to equip Classes for your character. As of now, the unlocks will happen at:
Slot 1 - Level 20 & Skill 15
Slot 2 - Level 35 & Skill 30
Slot 3 - Level 45 & Skill 45

The experience earned may seem a little low at first. We will be watching the earned experience over the next couple weeks and adjusting accordingly. Classes are a very powerful addition to the HaloSphere battles, so we are going to be breaking them in slowly so players can develop their strategies as new classes are added and adjustments are made to Class growth.

Also, as you may notice by the third slot unlock, we will be increasing the Max High Skill immediately to 45.

EDIT: As of this moment, Classes will have no effect on clan battle calculations. We do plan on including the Class bonuses to the outcome of clan battles. However, at no point do we plan on having clan battles effect the class system progression.

SPECIAL THANKS: Thanks to Kegonomics for his help with the Class Icons!

Daily Bests!

This is a new hybrid set of leaderboards that shows the bests players have done in a single day for Solo games, Wins, EXP, TP and Credits!

Other Updates:

The Items section has been fixed so that it won't jump when you use or sell an item. This makes it much easier to keep up with what you're clicking on. Thanks to Living Torture for the idea for the fix. The Item Shop just got the same fixes!

On our final checks after inputting the necessary data into the system, we found a glitch that needs to be addressed with the class system. We don't think it is anything major, more than likely a decimal point in the wrong place, so it will hopefully be out before the weekend is over. Sorry for the delay.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind everybody about the workings of the skill system. Your High Skill can continually increase all the way to the game's maximum of 40. However, your current skill can only decrease to ten less than your High Skill. So if you increase your High Skill up to 38, the lowest your current skill can be is 28.

Please keep this in mind as you take advantage of some of the temporary items that are in the game, such as the Switchbox. 2012-03-26
Now under Options, you can link your HS2 account to your Twitter if you have one. By doing this, anytime you rank up or get an Achievement it will auto-tweet it to your followers! You can turn this off anytime you'd like by removing the link to your twitter under Options.

Also, don't forget we have an Official Twitter for HaloSphere2, @HaloSphere2

You all may notice some changes in HaloSphere staffing over the next few days to a week. Do not be alarmed, we are only going through a reorganization to refocus our efforts more directly at certain aspects of the game and community. We have established a more clear chain of command and hopefully this will also create a more fluid line of communication from the top down. We appreciate everybody's understanding and patience as we get these policies set up.

We have been hard at work this morning. Firestream has fixed a couple bugs with territories. We also took the time to run a couple reports of players that were abusing these bugs. They have had their accounts reset. Thankfully, everybody that had these abuses were already game banned for one reason or another, so no real harm. More investigation is under way for further possibilities of abuses.

A new Admin only feature has been added to help up investigate players accounts that are experiencing problems so we can see first hand what is going on. We can now use a feature to impersonate an account, basically logging us in like we are whatever player we need to view. This can also be used to investigate possible cheating. Please be aware that this is a possibility, and act accordingly. To reiterate, this is an Admin only feature so it is kept at the highest level of security.

First, I fixed a bug with stacking the Switchbox that I was alerted of earlier today. You can use more than one at a time and they will stack correctly. I'm still planning on fixing the remainder count to include stacked items like the Switchbox and Clan Primer.

Next, I greatly improved speeds in the forums. It's probably 10x faster than it was thanks to some indexing on the forum tables that I somehow forgot to do before. Hope you notice the difference.
Hey all,

I just want to encourage everybody here that enjoys this game to help out, if possible, through contributions towards the development of the game. I've been very active in the last week after a stretch of time being absent from the game, due to family reasons. I have a lot in the works with the help of Psyfireman, Fett and the rest of the Guards and Honor Guards and I'm extremely excited at what is coming down the pipe for the game.

If you can support by donating (look for the big Paypal button down on the bottom left), that would be awesome, and many of you already have and I appreciate it a lot. I am looking to increase the supporter benefits as time goes on as well. This game takes a lot of time to develop and sustain and there are many costs associated with the server, domain, DNS, etc as well as more costs that will be coming as I attempt to get the game on mobile platforms, like IOS and Android. It was a goal I had last year, but didn't make, but am trying very hard to get something on phones and tablets this year.

If you can't support financially or don't want to, I understand. At the very least, if you enjoy the game continue to tell people about it, get them here playing and excited for the game. Tell a Guard that they're doing a good job, etc, because the work that goes on behind the scenes is tremendous and will only continue to grow.

I appreciate the level of support the game has had by it's players for so long and am thankful for the strong community that has grown from this game. See you all in the sphere!


UPDATE: To make it a bit easier to invite people, I setup a custom address for everybody's referral codes. Just go to your profile and click your code and you'll see the URL you can give to people at the top.

Also, I discovered there was a problem with the password recovery system, which has been fixed now.

UPDATE: The number of times you forged a particular special item now appears next to the item on your profile. Numbers only show up after you've forged 2 or more, etc.

UPDATE: Your item list has been streamlined some to show items grouped with quantities now! The Use button will only use 1 at a time, but it's still faster to use a bunch of items like this and easier to look at.

There's a new item in the item shop called 'Clan Primer' that you can purchase. It's also droppable from solo battles. The item allows you to auto-play 50 Clan battles. You just use the item, start a clan battle and sit back and watch. The item is designed to take away from some of the monotony of playing Clan battles. There may be 2 additional versions of this item in the future.

Also, please only use 1 at a time until I am for sure that you can stack them. I thought they would stack, but am getting reports that they do not. I'll work to correct this ASAP. UPDATE: They should stack now!

HaloSphere1 had a temp item system that allowed you to use items that were good for say 10 battles and would do stuff like swap your traits or make you invincible. Well that system is back and integrated into HaloSphere2, and to kick if off I've put back in the Switchbox item that will swap your traits with the opponent's traits. It is available in the shop for the time being. Go buy one if you've got the credits and try it out!

Also, a new addition that I'm testing out is a stamina refill system. Basically, you can donate $1 to the site to help with the development and support costs and you will get your stamina refilled. This becomes more valuable as your max stamina increases. This is completely optional and does not replace any of the existing stamina refill options! If the system gets little to no use I'll pull it back out in a week or make any other changes as needed.

Thanks for your support and patience! I'm excited to be back in it all.

It's been a while, but I had some time tonight to make some code updates to the game and add some new things in as well. Here's a rundown of the changes:

6 new Maps added from Halo CEA

New Achievement: Sith Master

Skull Graphics added, which look awesome thanks to Jyssa!

New Reset History section added to Profiles

Fixed bug in Sent Messages pagination and deleting

Selling Items now shows another confirm link so you dont have to scroll up

Buying Items now shows another confirm link so you dont have to scroll up

'Mark All Forums Read' link added to Forum

UPDATE as of this morning!

The Online list now shows status colors for admins and guards

Forum Topic Lists now have pages PREV / NEXT to keep them shorter

This weekend in celebration of St. Patrick's Day HaloSphere, and the staff are pleased to bring you "Luck of the Irish" weekend.

All weekend everyone has received the "Luck of the Irish" which will bring you an increased chance of finding booty.

We hope you all have a great weekend filled with solo games and many items won. Thank you again for your continued support to the sphere and have a great weekend!

    • UPDATE**

We've started the increased drop rate weekend, along with that:
We have refilled everyone's stamina.
Rarity of original bobbles was increased (you should get less original bobblehead parts now).

Item Max Capacity has been raised to 75.

We also have a big surprise for everyone!

..... but you will have to play solo battles to find out what it is!

Have a great weekend!
Please join me and all of the Admin, Honor Guards, and Guards in welcoming and congratulating Smooftastic as a new member of the Staff.

Smoof has time and again showed his forethought and knowledge of the game, and has more than what it takes to be qualified for the position of a Guard.

Congratulations Smoof, and welcome to the team!
I've posted a thread over on (yes its back online) about the possibility of a mobile version of HaloSphere2 or a game that is similar in play and features. Check it out if you have a minute and register an account and reply. Here's a link to the thread directly.

Also, we hope to see you at HaloCharts, check out the community and jump in! We will have quite a few events and contests/giveaways in the coming months as we ramp up for Halo 4. Take a look under Site Updates to see some important threads I posted about HC.
The Original Bobbleheads (Grunt, Jackal, and Brute) have been updated.
Their sale prices have been slightly increased to be an even % based on rarity.


The site had really bad lag last night. A lot of people failed their territories because of it. So we are refilling everyone's energy as a compensation. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I decided to bring Fett up as an admin, for at least a short while, maybe permanently, so he could help out while Firestream and I are super crazy. Firestream had a tragedy strike his family and I am in the middle of the busiest time of year at work, for at least a couple more weeks. Firestream and I are both still checking in to look at things, but are for the most part, inactive for a couple weeks.

Fett has also been asked to get a couple more items in order to be put in the game if he has time. We understand that we are asking him to do a lot right now, but we know he is equipped for the challenge. Fett will be brought up more permanently as a developer in the background on a more ongoing basis. This may or may not require Admin powers on an ongoing basis.
There are three more possible bobbleheads that can be forged now: Elite, Cortana and Master Chief! These will take you a bit more time as the parts for them are rarer. Good luck! If you want to see how they look, take a look at my profile.
There are now 3 bobbleheads you can create from parts you acquire in solo battles. Grunt, Jackal and Brute. There are 3 more that will be added in the next day or two.

ITEM MAX INCREASE FOR ALL PLAYERS Everybody can carry 15 more items now making the starting max 40. With the slew of parts coming in and the fact that more and more parts will be added to the system, the extra space is really needed.

OTHER SMALL TWEAKS I fixed a few other problems here and there, mostly to help out the Guards a bit more. 2011-12-2
I'm happy to announce that there is now a news system integrated into the game. So instead of having to check the Game Updates we'll post up news about game changes and upcoming events. Also, a few other bug fixes were made around the game.

Google Ads
In order to try to support the continued development of the game, we have decided to place Google Ads into the system for those that have not donated. They will appear at the bottom of games you play and the match list. I hate having to put in advertising, but we would like to continue to support the cost of building and maintaining this game.

Territory Collect All
I have added a 'Collect All' button to the Territory system. It should save you a lot of time if you have a lot of buildings that are ready to be collected at once. I am hopeful there are no side-effects to having this kind of option as I know it was highly requested.

New Members List
You can now click the 'New Today' count down on the bottom-left to see a list of new members to sign up today.
- more forum navigation added for ease of use
- today's posts added
- topic search added
- forum post achievement added

- Forum system added
- Clan forum system added
- Clan delete glitch fixed
- Item abuse glitch fixed

- Players cannot push other players above their high skill

- added Forward option to messages
- added autocomplete to the TO field when sending a new message
- new Covenant Theme by Kegonomics
- new Roge Theme by Kegonomics
- new UNSC Theme by Kegonomics

- included a rule to not discuss bans in chat in the chat rules

- EXP and Credit winnings in solo battles are now based on high skill
- Theme system added for Supporters
- 2 new themes added (green and brown)
- Much more dialog added and rare dialog added for Supporters
- Sent Messages list added, with ability to delete a message if it's unread still
- Options page cleaned up
- back-end changes made for Guards
- High Skill limit increased to 40

-New Honor Guards added to Honor Guard list: FTS BuFF DaDDY, HC TxSon, HC RoadRage. Congrats Guys. Now each faction has two Honor Guards.

-Double Credit & Experience Weekend starts and will last until about October 3rd 8am Eastern time

- Territory Buildings added: Plow, Tractor, Airator, Seed, & Fertilizer that produce higher amounts of TP

- Made a couple alterations to the Chat Box Rules

- Max Skill ceiling raised from 30 to 35

- Honor Guard status added - Many behind the scenes updates involved with this one
- Clan Credit fix put in place (be advised, more may need done)
- Password recovery added to log-in screen
- You can now see if a player is online on their player page avatar
- You can see which Staff members are online in the Staff list
- Max trait pool limit is now in effect. If you have over 50 trait points in your pool, you will not be able to do anything until you drop below 50 points
- Chat history expanded a little more
- Guard background color changed to Purple