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Halodex is here!




The much anticipated addition to HaloSphere2 is here! Halodex is a Halo-themed card game that is integrated with HaloSphere2. This is a truly PvP addition to the game,
and it does require skill to win! It is based heavily on the mini-game from FF8.

How to get started
- There are some cards available in the shop. You need at least 5 cards to start a match. Go to any player page and click Card Battle after that.
- Full rules and instructions for how to play are available under Help > FAQ - Halodex

Achievements and Leaderboards
- Full stats are tracked on Halodex
- There are overall leaderboards for wins, games and score (more to be added soon)
- There are two new achievements for you to try to get!
How many cards are there?
- There are 30 total, but only 13 are available today
- More will be rolled out weekly
- New cards will be added periodically
- Try to collect them all!

Halodex does not affect regular gameplay, it is completely optional. I think you'll enjoy it though, so give it a shot!


How to play

  • Each player must have at least 5 cards to start a match
  • The game takes place on a 3x3 grid
  • Each player takes a turn placing a card on the grid
  • Player is selected randomly to start the match
  • Each card has a power value, top, bottom, left and right
  • As cards line up on the grid, the power values that touch face off
  • If a player places a card next to another card and the player's card has a power value higher

on the numbers that touch, the player takes the card that is adjacent to the one they placed

  • Card control can only change when a player places a card. Defensive moves will not result in the change of control of a card
  • After the grid is full, the winner is the player that controls the most cards on the grid
  • The winner receives one of the losers played cards randomly


(Prices will vary based on your clan discount, and times purchased.)

Name Price
Card engineer.png Engineer 40,000
Card hunter.png Hunter 40,000
Card alphacrawler.png Alpha Crawler 30,000
Card brute.png Brute 30,000
Card bc.png Brute Chieftain 50,000
Card watcher.png Watcher 30,000
Card drone.png Drone 10,000
Card grunt.png Grunt 10,000
Card cortana.png Cortana 100,000,000
Card chief.png Master Chief 100,000,000
Card elite.png Elite 50,000
Card pknight.png Knight 50,000
Card dare.png Dare ~
Card dutch.png Dutch ~
Card rookie.png Rookie ~
Card buck.png Buck ~
Card kat.png Kat ~
Card carter.png Carter ~
Card jun.png Jun ~
Card emile.png Emile ~
Card prophet.png Truth ~
Card arbiter.png Arbiter ~
Card mkeyes.png Miranda ~
Card cmdr.png Commander ~

Written by Bolin

(Thanks to everyone who helped me find stats)