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What are FAQ's?

The term "FAQ" stands for a commonly used phrase: Frequently Asked Questions; these questions have been asked many times by the HaloSphere community and they are still being asked on a daily basis. If you have any more FAQ's to add, please don't hesitate to contact Pillar or kegonomics.

Clan FAQ's

Q: What level do I need to be in order to join a clan?
A: You must be at least level 10 to join a clan, and at least level 15 to create your own.

Q: How do I join a clan?
A: You must be invited by the clan leader. A useful way to join is to send the leader a message stating your desire to join. You can also refer to the HaloSphere clan recruitment thread located here.

Q: Does your clan faction give you certain advantages, similar to how your faction provides a small bonus to certain traits?
A: No. All clans start out equal. The level of the members within determines how powerful it is.

Q: What does the Effectiveness percentage mean?
A: Your effectiveness percentage is the percentage of clan-initiated battles your clan has won out of the total number of matches your clan has initiated. For example, if your clan has started 100 matches and won 60, then your clan's effectiveness is 60%.

Q: Can members of any faction join my clan?
A: No. Only members of your own faction may join your clan.

Q: Can I do anything with my clan credits other than donate them to other clan members?
A: At the moment, no.

Rank FAQ's

Q: The amount of EXP required to rank up seems very random. Is there a pattern it follows that determines how much EXP is required to level up?
A: Yes. It follows the same requirements used to rank up to the equivalent level in Reach. For example, it takes 325,000 credits to reach rank 15 in Reach, so it takes 325,000 EXP to hit level 15 in HaloSphere 2. See the Player Profile page for more info.

Q: Do any factions receive more credits and EXP than the others?
A: The base EXP and credit reward is the same for all factions. However, Winning battles on maps controlled by your faction, gives you a Faction Map Control Bonus, which gives you more exp and credits.

Q: What is the underdog bonus and how do you get it?
A: This is a 1 extra TP bonus when collecting territory buildings that is given to the faction that controls the fewest maps out of the three given factions (see the in-game Faction Control tab on the left).

Map Control FAQ's

Q: Can more than one territory be applied to a map?
A: Yes. Any territory at or above level 5 may be applied to any one map, and the faction with the most combined Territory Points has control of the map. For Example, if the UNSC has 3 territories on a map with a combined total of 2000 TP, and the Rogue Separatists has two territories with a combined total of 2500 Territory Points, then the Rogues control the map.

Q: When can I apply my territory to a map?
A: Level 5 is required. See Territories for a list detailing the amount of Territory Points needed to attain a certain level.

Q: How many Territory Points do buildings give me?
A: Every building yields different results.

Equipment & Items FAQ's

Q: Do items purchased in the Armory appreciate in price at the same rate items purchased in the Item Shop do?
A: No. Base prices in the Armory remain static, however upgrading equipment that you have purchased will increase their price at a very rapid, yet linear pace.

Q: I can purchase Stamina Spheres in the shop. Can I purchase Energy Spheres as well?
A: No. Energy Spheres can only be earned through random drops in battle.

Q: Insane Luck is a very difficult achievement to get. How hard is it to attain?
A: The odds used to be about 1/30,000, but it is getting easier now due to the influx in common items that can be dropped from battles. The minimum level that most people get this achievement is after level 10.

Q: When can I receive certain items as drops?
A: You can receive items in battle starting at the same level you can purchase them in the shop. For example, you can start receiving trait minispheres in battle at level 20, the same level you can begin purchasing them in the shop. This same principle also applies to certain items not seen in the shop, such as Energy Spheres and credit items (Wallets/Money Bags, etc)

Q: Do I keep my items and equipment when I switch factions?
A: You lose all equipment, items & 75% of your credits.

Traits FAQ's

Q: How do I increase my traits?
A: There are three primary ways to do it. The first is to use trait spheres, which can be purchased or randomly gained through battle, starting at level 20. The second is to purchase and upgrade Equipment found in the Armory. Lastly, you gain (10 x your level) worth of trait points each time you level up, which can be allotted via the "Traits" link found on the left-hand side of the screen.

Q: Are all traits the same, or are they weighted?
A: No, some traits are slightly weighted more than others.

Q: Does my faction make a big difference in the long run as to the size of the bonus to my traits?
A: No. While each faction gives a slight boost to different traits, in the long run it does not make a large difference one way or the other.

Faction Control FAQ's

Q: How do I increase my faction's number of maps controlled?
A: You assign a greater number of TP to a map than what is currently held by the enemy. If you exceed it, it is yours. An excellent way to coordinate which amounts of TP to put on each map and the number of territories that need to be alloted is to use Faction Chat.

Q: Does having the greatest number of maps controlled provide a bonus to my faction?
A: No, unless you consider bragging rights to be a bonus. ;) However, controlling the fewest number of maps gives you the Underdog Bonus (see above in Map Control).

Q: Does having the greatest number of members in a given faction mean that you will control more maps?
A: Not necessarily. While having more members means your faction has the potential to have a greater amount of total TP to allot to maps (and by extension have a greater level of overall map control), it does not necessarily mean that you control the most maps - a well-organized and powerful group in another faction can overtake large numbers of territories with fewer members.