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Special Achievements

Packrat.png Beta Tester - For being a beta tester before HaloSphere launched to the public. (Achievement no longer available)

Packrat.png Supporter - For Supporting HaloSphere Financially. (Achievement currently not available)

Packrat.png Sponsor - Sponsor Another Member. (Achievement currently not available)

Packrat.png Outstanding Contributor - For just being awesome in the Sphere!. (Achievement currently not available)

Note the supporter achievement is given through a donation of $3 to HaloSphere and the Sponsor achievement is received by giving $3 as well but for another HS2 member.--Pillar 01:18, 16 September 2011 (CDT)

Level & Skill Achievements

Noob.png Noob Graduate - (Achievement currently not available) Get a high skill of at least 30

Almostpro.png Almost a Pro - (Achievement currently not available) Get a high skill of at least 40

Pro.png 50 iz Pro - (Achievement currently not available) Get a high skill of 50

Battlemaster.png Battle Master - Get to level 50

Dontlookdown.png View From The Top - Reset while being in the Top 100 Overall

Crown.png Good To Be King - Reset while being #1 Overall

Clan, Territory, & Faction Achievements

Eatabagel.png Like A Boss - Start a Clan

Birds.png Total Follower - Join a clan that you do not own

Up.png Lateral Advancement - Leader of a level 5 Clan

Borg.png Worker Drone - Start 100 battles for your clan

Wise.png Wise Guy - Start 1000 battles for your clan

Ruler.png Glorious Leader - Leader of a level 20 Clan

Iamrich.png Generous Soul - Give your clan 1 million credits

Grass.png Land Owner - Build a Territory to Level 5

Tictactoe.png GridMaster - Build a Territory to Level 15

Farm.png Farmer Joe - Collect 100 TP in a single day

Addicted.png Losing - Be a member of an Underdog Faction

Jackpot.png Jackpot - Get a super high Daily Faction Salary

Credit & Exp Achievements

Money.png Wallstreet - Earn 1,000,000 credits in a single day

Randomly.png Randomly Clicking Buttons - Earn at least 10,000 EXP

Citizen.png Citizen of the Sphere - Earn at least 100,000 EXP

Mushroom.png Level Up - Earn at least 100,000 EXP in a single day

Over5000.png EXP Whore - Earn at least 1,000,000 EXP

Black Market Achievements

Fleamarket-bronze.png Estate Sale - Sell 1000 items in the Black Market

Shopaholic-bronze.png Hoarder - Buy 1000 items in the Black Market

Packrat.png Pack Rat - Buy 100 items in the Black Market in a single day

Packrat.png Spring Cleaning - sell 100 items in the Black Market in a single day

Packrat.png Wholesaler - sell 300 items in the Black Market in a single day

Other Miscellaneous Achievements

Chatterbox.png Chatterbox - Say something!

Salute.png I salute you - Salute 50 other players

Vote.png Registered Voter - Vote in a poll

Winner.png Binge Battler - Play 500 Games in a single day

Marathon.png Marathon Man - Get a winning streak of at least 50

Lame.png Lame Duck - Get a losing streak of at least 50

Unstoppable.png Unstoppable! - Get a winning streak of at least 200

Upgrade.png Don't Mess With Me - Upgrade a piece of equipment to at least level 10

Pewpew.png Munitions Expert - Completely max out an ability

Adminthese.png Fear No Admin - Defeat an Admin in Battle

Speed.png Speeding Ticket - This one goes on your permanent record.

Pot.png Insane Luck - Win 4 items in a single battle

Forum.png Socially Adept - Make a post in the Forums

Alltooeasy.png Sith Master - Refer a member who plays at least 1000 solo games

Warrior.png Weekly Warrior - Make it onto the weekly Frontpage leaderboard

Mobile.png Mobile - Login to HaloSphere2 Mobile

Halodex Achievements

Card1.png Noob Collection - Collect at least 10 cards

Seed1.png Card Player - Earn 300 total score in Halodex

Mission Achievements

Mission0.png Draftee - Complete a Mission

Mission1.png Ensign - Complete 7 Missions

Mission4.png Commander - Complete 50 Missions

Mission2.png Trooper - Complete 2 Weekly Missions

Mission3.png Leader - Complete a Monthly Mission

Edited by Bolin, Pure Fire X2 - 12-30-2013 Edited by HC PillarofFire - 2017-10-26

All Images for Achievements taken from the HaloSphere 2 game.--HC PillarofFire 00:58, 16 September 2011 (CDT)